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January TOF Magazine issue

The Organic Farmer Magazine strives to provide practical current information of organic farming. This information is availed on regular basis every month. Articles are usually based on the current issues and the farmers demand. January’s issue focused on quails, the most sought after birds in Kenya, cultivation of tomato trees, soil fertility management and farmer stories. Follow the following link to access January’s issue;TOF-Magazine January



The Organic Farmer on Facebook


Farming has never been easier, lack of information has been one of the challenges that hinders agricultural development but this is changing now. It used to be very difficult to access information on the dos and don’ts  of farming making it difficult and less rewarding. To access information, farmers depended on the government extension officers who were then rare to come by but thanks to the advent of technology, agricultural information can be easily accessed without necessarily waiting for information officers. Information is now easily available through different media and in different formats.

The Organic Farmer Magazine – one of FCP’s project that offers practical farming information monthly also runs a facebook page. This page provides a platform to farmers for sharing experiences with other others and consult each other on issues facing them. With this, TOF has made information sharing easier and thus easing farming. https://www.facebook.com/theorganicfarmer?ref=ts&fref=ts