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Maximizing your land – Inter-cropping


Inter-cropping is growing two or more crops at the same time in the same field. It is a practice often associated with sustainable and organic farming. It is commonly used in tropical parts of the world, particularly by small scale farmers in Africa.

In this method, there is often one main crop and one or more added crops, with the main crop being the one of primary importance because of economic or food production reasons. The two or more crops used in an intercrop may be from different species and/or different plant families.

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You don’t have to possess a huge piece of land to be a farmer

A guide to setting up own garden in your backyard

Women play a central role in Agriculture but despite this, they receive little support if any; the worst of them being dispossessing them rights over land. As such, economical use of land space is key when they get it. This post therefore highlights major considerations to look at when thinking about where to grow fruit and vegetables in your garden for best results:


Choosing your site

  • Try to find a sunny spot with good drainage. A south-facing aspect is ideal.
  • Avoid overhanging tree branches and shade cast by buildings or hedges.
  • Make sure there is plenty of water. Avoid the area next to hedges as this tends to be dry.
  • Provide shelter from wind. You may need to put up a windbreak.
  • Make sure there is protection from marauding wildlife. You may need a chicken-proof fence if you are keeping free range chickens.

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TOF-Magazine, February Issue

In case you missed the February issue of the TOF magazine, you can access and download your copy now. And why shouldn’t you miss this copy? In February we talked about pertinent issues regarding one of the healthiest edible oils in the Kenyan market today – Canola Download your copy to read more on the production of this sukuma wiki (kales) like plant also known as rapeseed.

Other issues covered in this issue include why there is need to  review maize seed policy in Kenya, the potential for beef farming in Kenya, why you need to be careful when buying maize seed this season, the importance of green manures in organic farming and finally your (farmers) questions have been answered in this issue. So get your copy and even the previous ones from the website here and the feb issue on the image below.

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