Participatory video production for agriculture information officers – Katumani


The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) also runs a participatory video production project with the information officers and smallholder farmers in Machakos. The project is very useful in documenting and disseminating information on sustainable agricultural practices from and to farmers. – it provides an opportunity for the farmers to shape and create their own films according to their own sense of what is important and how they want to be represented.

This project started as a mere research study by Ugo Vallauri a PHD student working with one of FCP’s project (Infonet-Biovision) in participatory video production in Machakos (Kenya) but it has now grown into a big thing and it’s still exuding huge potential for scaling up. This is mainly attributed to the communities’ involvement in the control of the filming equipment and of the process of creating film.

This project was highlighted at the Nairobi Declaration on Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services and here is the narration by Brenda Zulu


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