Why it is important to feed calves properly

Dear farmers,

In course of my duties, I come across many farmers some of whom are successful while others are crippling with many challenges. The most common and the subject of my blog today being complexities related to feeding among calves. A calf’s health can be affected by disorders resulting from improper feeding. Diligent feeding management is therefore essential to ensure calf health is maintained. Common problems I see farmers cripple with are diarrhoea and pneumonia among calves and they are associated with feeding. Continue reading Why it is important to feed calves properly


Using videos to conserve indigenous knowledge

FCP Video Production Team
FCP Video Production Team

At the Biovision Farmer Communication Programme, we bridge the gap between research and application by packaging researched information into languages and formats accessible and easy to understand by different segments of people. The gap between research and application has been attributed research findings being presented in languages and formats hard to comprehend and thus apply by the intended beneficiaries. To this effect, farmers, who are the main target by researchers, have been left to their own means. They now rely on their indigenous technologies and innovations to tackle their challenges as farmers. Continue reading Using videos to conserve indigenous knowledge

Using ICT to promote the push-pull project.

What is the push-pull technology? This is a farming technology that was invented by Dr. Zeyeur Khan of ICIPE Mbita in collaboration with ICIPE partners that has environmental and economical benefits for farmers. It involves intercropping maize with a plant like desmodium and planting Napier grass or Brachiaria grass, which is commonly referred to as Mulato grass around the maize field.

Environmental benefits
Desmodium acts as a cover crop that retains soil moisture and it also enhances soil fertility by fixing nitrogen. The economical benefits mainly stems from desmodium, Napier grass or Brachiaria grass which are a great source of animal fodder and have been proven to boost milk consumption when given to dairy cows.

How does push pull work?

Continue reading Using ICT to promote the push-pull project.

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