The FCP Programme

The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme

For most Africa countries, agriculture remains the main source of income for 80% of the rural population. However, the agricultural sector is compromised by a variety of factors. Pests alone are responsible for up to 80% of harvest losses. In developing countries, the demand for food is set to increase strongly until 2025 because of population growth. Using organic farming methods, small-scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa can increase their yields by simple, cost-effective means to match the increasing food demand. To achieve this, farmers need access to locally relevant, basic agricultural information as well as training. In many African regions, this specific knowledge is very difficult to access or is not available at all. This situation is poised to deteriorate even more with the current environmental problems unless otherwise. The FCP is about that otherwise.

The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme Projects

Outreach Centres The Organic Farmer Radio

Outreach is an FCP project consisting of rural based information hubs run by community information workers (CIWs). The CIWs are equipped with relevant skills for training farmers and also to enable them to access information through ICTs. The project is currently implemented in several districts in Kenya: Machakos (KARI Katumani) and Kangundo in Eastern Kenya, Kirinyaga (Gatuto) in Central, Kimilili in Western, Kisii in Nyanza, and Bungoma and Busia in Western Kenya. The project also works with partners both in the government and private sectors.

The Organic Farmer Radio (TOF-Radio) is an FCP project. It was started in 2008 and it produces radio shows which are then broadcasted weekly on two radio stations; – the national Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in Kiswahili every Thursday from 8.15 to 8.30 pm and Radio Milele on every Tuesday from 8.30 to 8.45 pm. It is approximated that the show has up to 5 million listeners in the country. Still under the same project, trials are underway on vernacular radio stations so as to use information from Infonet-Biovision and TOF to make radio scripts for broadcasting in vernacular languages.

The Organic Farmer Magazines Infonet-Biovision

The Organic Farmer Magazine (TOF) is published by the FCP Programme monthly. TOF magazine covers information on sustainable agricultural practices that can enhance farmers’ agricultural productivity. The magazine also provides a forum where farmers’ voices can be heard – TOF magazine carries articles on farmers’ activities and experiences and lessons that others can learn from. Through the project, 21,000 copies of the magazine are distributed to farmer groups, schools and agricultural institutions monthly reaching approximately 200,000 readers. All the published TOF issues can be accessed here


It is an online information tool offering trainers, extension workers (Information Officers) and farmers… a quick access to up-to-date, scientifically proven and locally relevant sustainable agriculture information. The information covers more than 45 major crops, vegetables and fruits prevalent in Africa, as well as over 685 pests and diseases. It also provides information on medicinal plants, fruit preservation and cultural methods, soil, water and land management, animal husbandry and animal diseases. The case studies are drawn from Kenya and other East African countries. This information is also availed in a CD version.

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