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Poultry series 1: The Key to a Successful Poultry Farming Venture

Owing to the increasing demand for chicken, eggs and the quest for self employment, many people are turning to poultry farming with mixed results. Some have succeeded while due to poor planning, others have failed. They have failed due to their failure to plan. If you are planning or you are already into poultry farming and you wish to grow it big, there are factors you need to consider.

Type of birds: One of the factors one has to consider is the type of birds one wants to keep. This is vital as other factors are dependent on it. The housing system, feeds, equipment and facilities the farmer may require for this venture are dependent on the type of birds to be kept. Chicken can be kept for their eggs or meat (layers or broilers) and recently, huge interest has grown for indigenous chickens. As such, one has to decide upfront what his/her interests are.

Housing: It is said that by building a good housing system, one solves more than 40% of all poultry rearing problems. Chicken must be shielded from hostile weather conditions such as cold, rain, sun and wind. Safety from predators should also be considered in putting up a house unit. Snakes, rodents, foxes, dogs, mongoose and other animals are chickens’ enemies. It is therefore important to confine them in modern structures. The housing unit should have perches for the chicken to roost on at night.


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Why it is important to feed calves properly

Dear farmers,

In course of my duties, I come across many farmers some of whom are successful while others are crippling with many challenges. The most common and the subject of my blog today being complexities related to feeding among calves. A calf’s health can be affected by disorders resulting from improper feeding. Diligent feeding management is therefore essential to ensure calf health is maintained. Common problems I see farmers cripple with are diarrhoea and pneumonia among calves and they are associated with feeding. Continue reading Why it is important to feed calves properly