About the FCP

The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) is a farmer communication programme operating in Kenya under the auspices of ICIPE and Biovision Foundation. The programme builds a bridge between research and its application, thereby helping to advance the development of ecological farming. The programme is made up of five communication projects also referred to as pathways; TOF Magazine, Mkulima Mbunifu,  TOF radio,Outreach and Infonet platform.

With its four project pillars, FCP makes knowledge available, it disseminated, also by integrating partnerships, to guarantee the food security of small-scale farmers in East Africa and protect natural resources.

Our Strategic Focus

Mission: Development, dissemination and application of ecologically sound methodology to secure sustainable improvement of living conditions in Africa.

Thematic Focus: Development, application, further development and dissemination of ecologically and economically sustainable, and socially sound agricultural methods in the areas of “Human Health”, “Animal Health”, “Plant Health”, “Environmental Health” as well as the promotion of systemic, ecologically sound thinking and action (“Information and Training Services”).

Strategic Focus:Dissemination of natural and locally available solutions in the 4-H-Areas, which are applied and taught in model projects. Model projects demonstrate collaboration between research dissemination application (in both ways) that is embedded in the thematic focus as well as conducive to and promoting sustainable development

Core values:Integrity,  Collaboration and networking, Environmental conscience, Accountability, Quality, Efficiency, Authenticity, Innovation


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