Why We Need To Transform the Energy Sector

clean energy
Cleaner energy production for economic and environmental sustainability

How would the world be like without energy? Energy is very imperative as everything that I consume or use is energy or has energy embodied in it. For instance, the papers I use had energy used to create them and transport them to where they are. Even though they contain a small fraction of energy, huge amounts of energy were used in transporting them. This same scenario applies to my chair, clothes, the TV set in my sitting room and even things I don’t think about like food are only made possible by energy. Food is planted, harvested, processed, packaged and transported using energy all the way. 

Economic development of any country is powered by energy. From cars to cell phones, pharmaceuticals to plastics and air conditioning to water heating, energy is part of our lives. Energy is embodied in everything upon which we depend for economic development and therefore we need to have lots of energy and preferably nice and cheap energy. Everything is a function of energy and therefore energy is very important not only to me but everybody.

However, as important as it is, access to energy remains a challenge to many, most affected being the poor. Provision of energy resources is skewed with the rich having better access to energy than the poor populace. This therefore calls for paradigm shift in the sector – a shift that will see equitable distribution of this vital resource to ensure benefits to all. Well informed journalism has a central role to play by highlighting these challenges. Youths are still neutral and are not yet embroiled in corruption and complexities that cause discriminate distribution of energy resources. We therefore stand a better chance to bring about this paradigm shift in the sector.


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