The Value Chains Approach in Agricultural

Someone ones said that two hands are better than one. On the same, granny told me that one finger cannot kill a flea. Fleas were rampant during those days and hence the use of this analogy. All in all, the point being passed across was that people can efficiently and successfully achieve their goals while working a team than when working singly or in solitude.
The war being wedged in agriculture has been there for some time now and yet it’s still far from over. We are yet to bring youths to agriculture to replace the aging farm, small-scale farmers are still being exploited and we still don’t get sufficient returns on investment. Many approaches have been employed but the current inn thing is Agricultural Value Chain and I think its winning.
Value-chain analysis looks at every step a product goes through, from raw materials to the eventual end-user. This is a more effective approach in helping the farmers where problems are solved by addressing all possible causes. For instance, in the context of value chains, if we are to help a young farmer venturing into fish farming, we need to support them all the way across the value chain. We need to address issues related to inputs to their fish ponds or fishing career, processing of the fish and marketing – see figure 1. This is a holistic approach and I believe it’s more efficient in solving the farmers’ problems.

Figure 1: Fish Value Chain

To really address the multiple challenges faced by small farmers (inputs, loans, rural infrastructure, business skills) and to really help entrepreneurs like the banana processors, what is needed is a pragmatic and participatory regional value chain cooperation. This way, we will have more young farmers.

More Value chain issues can be accesses here: making the connection


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